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A Motorsport UK recognised club for Rolls-Royce® plc employees past and present.

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About the Motor Club

The Rolls-Royce Motor Club is a group of enthusiastic individuals who share an interest in cars, motorbikes and motoring. Based in Derby, the Motor Club has been established for many years. As affiliated members of the Motorsport UK, members can compete in Motorsport events throughout the UK. The club caters for a wide range of motoring interests – from social events to DIY car maintenance and motorsport.

New members are always welcome subject to eligibility criteria.

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History of the Club

Minutes from the 1st Annual General Meeting Held on 28th February 1955 indicate that an initial approach to the Rolls-Royce Welfare Amenities Society (WAS) to form a ”motor car club section” was made on 27 May 1954. Official recognition of the club by the Welfare was made on 9th September 1954. The first official committee meeting of the “Rolls-Royce Motor Club (Derby Division)” took place on 23rd February 1955.

Evidence from initial committee meetings during 1955 suggest that the Derby based club was closely linked to one based in Crewe. It seems that it was the crew division of the company that had been the first division of the company to form a Motor Club it was they who registered with the RAC and members from Derby benefited from such affiliation through being considered part of an overall Rolls-Royce Motor Club at a national level. See item (b) in Appendix 1

By the end of March 1955 it appears that using Crewe as a sole ‘agents’ for RAC matters across all Rolls- Royce divisions was to end. The 31 March 1955 minutes state “An arrangement with the RAC whereby Crewe were the sole agents in respect of matters appertaining to competitions, rallies etc. for all RR divisions was now rescinded by the RAC & each division was to have separate registration.” The meeting agreed that the secretary should write to the RAC to obtain recognition for the “Derby Centre”.

By June of 1955 various correspondence with the RAC had culminated in the committee instructing the secretary to “complete and send to the Royal Automobile Club, the letters form of application for registration of The Rolls-Royce Motor Club (Derby) as a body for the purpose of promoting motor competitions”

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A Mazda MX5 Sprint Car Project

Our Main Events This Year

March Payday Scatter

Navigational Scatters are a fun type event where competitors can learn about map reading and are one of the first stepping stones to other motor sport events. We are running a Navigational Scatter on March 28th covering parts of Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire. For more information, get in touch below!

June Funkhana

funkhana is one of many activities such as a gimmick or time-speed-distance rally, autocross, scenic tour, car show, parade, valve cover racing, tech session, picnic, or banquet. Several hours should be alloted for a larger funkhana, depending on the number of teams expected to participate and the average time required per run.

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September Treasure Hunt

A prescribed route with no particular time schedule usually organised as a Sunday drive with a quiz attached where one has to get out of the car at particular locations along the route to answer the questions. The event has a specifed a finish by time at a venue like a pub or a public place.

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November Annual Dinner

It's that time of year again, the annual dinner is being held at the Clock Warehouse in Shardlow again. Starts at 7pm. Get your menu choices in to Andrew before the 31st October.

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Other Types of Events


These are a speed trial against the clock on a licensed course on either a race track or a disused airfield. They are a bit similar to a Single Venue Rally but the course is not as complicated and there is no co-driver (which makes it less expensive). Classes for anything from standard road cars to full-blown race cars. We don’t organise these, but do have information on local events and some members will be out either competing or marshalling.


This type of event is very similar to the sprint and was the first type of really competitive motor sport. Now restricted to private roads, venues are far apart. It’s a sprint up a tarmac road which can ascend several hundred meters over a course of around a kilometre. Prescot near Cheltenham, which is owned by the Bugatti Owners Club, is the nearest and a well known venue (it has been used as a stage venue).

Car Trials

This type of event used to be called ‘Mud plugging’. An almost impossible course is laid on the side of a steep hill around trees, lumps, clumps and obstacles to test how far up the hill can you go? All you need is a car and a co-driver. OMC membership has not supported this type of event in the past! However, the Cotswold Motor Sport Group has a strong Car Trial championship which is open to all the Club members.

Table Top Rallies

A good aid to teach newcomers rally navigation especially if it is against the clock. The National scene ‘Rallies by Mail Order’ is for the experts. If you fancy the idea of pitting your mind against others in a Navigational Exercise then the club Table Tops are a good training. All the navigation skills required by a Road Rally navigator, and some more are, used to crack the clues and plot the route.

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